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    201102 - Zumba Kids

    Zumba Kids is a specially designed class for children. It incorporates the Zumba® Fitness concept with kid friendly songs, routines and games to promote coordination, balance, discipline, creativity, pride, confidence and a healthy lifestyle. The class is taught by Zumba Kids® licensed instructor, Eileen Jahn.

    Grades K-4th

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    Add to Cart201102-1Zumba Kids5 years to 10 years02/04/20- 02/25/20 5:30P- 6:15P$16Item DetailsAdd/Remove from Wishlist?Available

    201103 - Awesome Astronomy

    Participants, prepare to blast off into a world you’ve never seen before! Learn about the solar system and what makes the world go around. Put on your lab coat as this class will have plenty of experiments that are out of this world!

    1st- 5th Grade
    Harmon Park Activity Center.

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    Add to Cart201103-1Awesome Astronomy9 years to 12 years02/23/20- 02/23/20 2:30P- 5:00P$17Item DetailsAdd/Remove from Wishlist?Available

    201106 - Build a Box Party

    Open to all children and their parent/guardian
    Box options: unicorn, dinosaur, monster, and shark (we will be making examples of these to share when we start our promotions and will get a sheet with each picture for people to see when they register)
    Join us to make your Valentine’s Day box! Choose one of our 4 designs when you register. All you have to do is bring a shoe box to the party and we’ll provide the rest of the materials. This is a drop-in party but we ask that you arrive between 5:30-6:15pm as each box will take an average of 25-30 minutes. Lemonade and cookies will be available.

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    Add to Cart201106-1Build a Box PartyBirth and Up02/04/20- 02/04/20 5:30P- 7:00P$5Item DetailsAdd/Remove from Wishlist?Available

    201107 - KPR Kids Club


    Kids will enjoy some entertainment, a pizza dinner, and a game or two! *Kids are welcome to bring their own dinner if they have food allergies.

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    Add to Cart201107-1KPR Kids Club5 years to 12 years02/14/20- 02/14/20 5:30P- 8:00P$15Item DetailsAdd/Remove from Wishlist?Available

    201121 - Equine Empowerment

    Boys and girls will have the opportunity to learn from horses how to navigate kindness in a world that can be very much unkind. The focus is learning and developing critical social and behavioral skills while interacting with horses in on-the-ground activities No riding will take place and trained sta? will be assisting with horses. Target skills will include trust, inclusion, and communication Participants must wear closed-toed shoes (boots) and parents/ guardians must sign a release of liability on the day of. Facilitated by Nancy Lyon, certifed K-12 school counselor and Eagala Certifed Equine Specialist. Classes will be held at BraveHearts Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Learning , 3135 West 22ndStreet.

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    Add to Cart201121-3Equine Empowerment8 years to under 13 years03/24/20- 03/24/20 1:00P- 3:00P$38Item DetailsAdd/Remove from Wishlist?Available
    Add to Cart201121-4Equine Empowerment8 years to under 13 years03/25/20- 03/25/20 1:00P- 3:00P$38Item DetailsAdd/Remove from Wishlist?Available

    201131 - Hometown Heroes!

    Here is your chance to meet some of your local hometown heroes. Patrol cars, fretrucks, equipment and more. Learn what it takes to be a hero while participating in hands-on activities Harmon Park Activity Center.

    Kindergarten-4th grade

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    Add to Cart201131-1Hometown HeroesBirth to Birth03/14/20- 03/14/20 2:30P- 5:00P$20Item DetailsAdd/Remove from Wishlist?Available

    202214 - Start Smart BB/SB

    The START SMART Sports Development and Baseball / Softball program brings parents and children together to have fun and practice fundamental skills in a positive environment. This instructional program teaches parents how to best practice sport skills with their children, and help give them a positive and successful start in sports. START SMART utilizes the unique line of Koosh products, which have been proven to be safe in developing motor skills in children. All participants will receive a START SMART manual and a certificate of completion. Endorsed by the National Alliance for Youth Sports.

    Ages 4-Kindergarten

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    Add to Cart202214-2Start Smart BB/SB4 years to under 7 years04/07/20- 04/28/20 6:00P- 7:00P$19Item DetailsAdd/Remove from Wishlist?Available
    Add to Cart202214-3Start Smart Soccer4 years to under 7 years02/01/20- 02/22/20 1:00P- 6:00P$19Item DetailsAdd/Remove from Wishlist?Available
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