b'how to registerREGISTRATIONwalk in mail phone onlineREGISTRATION: AGE REQUIREMENTS:Registration will be taken on a first-come, first-servedUnless otherwise specified, participants must turn the basis.Dont wait to register because many programsage specified for the desired program by August 31, reach their maximum enrollment quickly!Instructors2019 .are not permitted to accept registration at an activitySPECIAL NEEDS:unless otherwise specified.When an activity does not have a class number, preregistration is not necessaryIf youor yourchildhasaspecialmedicalneed(i.e. unless otherwise specified. asthma,allergy,etc),pleasenotifytheKPROffice when registering.If you or your child has any other CLASS SIZES AND WAITING LISTS: special needs that require accommodations in order Minimumandmaximumprogramsizeshavebeento fully participate, then you must complete an Intake established.ProgramsnotreachingminimumForm (two weeks prior to the program) that is available enrollment at least three days before the start will beat the KPR Office.The form will be reviewed and you cancelled.Programs are limited in size for maximumwill then be contacted, if necessary, so a plan can be participation and customer enjoyment.Waiting listsformed in order to enjoy the program to its full extent. will be formed when programs are filled.Every attemptONLINE REGISTRATION:will be made to accommodate people on the waiting list.The program fee must accompany all registrations. You may register online at www.kprregister.org.Once A $30 charge will be assessed on all returned checks. you are at the home screen please enter your User Name andPassword.If youhaveregisteredforprograms REFUNDS: offered by KPR then you have a User ID and Password.If you wish to withdraw from a program, please do soContact us if you cannot access your account.The user at least three days before the start of the class and youname and password were set up based on the Primary may choose from the following options:1. Receive aMember of the account. Your username will be the 1st credit slip for another KPR program.2.Money back,Letter First Name + First 4 Letters Last Name + 7 Last less $5 processing fee. Digits of Phone, and your password is your 5 Digit Zip FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: code. Example:If your name is John Smith with a phone number of 308-555-1234, your user name will be A 50% reduced fee for program registration is availableJSmit5551234.Your user name is not case sensitive.If for families with lower incomes.If you are currentlyyou are new to KPR the home screen will prompt you eligibleforpublicassistanceand/ormeetincomewith directions to set up a new account.You may also guidelines, you may complete an application for thisview the entire website as a guest.Please contact our reduced fee.You will be required to show proof ofoffice at 237-4644 if you have questions.income and a social service I.D.EARLY BIRD PROGRAM REGISTRATION AND POOL PASS PURCHASE DAY!SATURDAY, APRIL 6, FROM 9:00-11:00AM, AT THE KPR OFFICEBe the first to register for programs or purchase a pass on this day and beENTERED TO WIN A $50 KPR GIFT CERTIFICATE!Online, Walk-in, Phone-in, and Mail-in Registration will officially begin on Monday, April 8.PG.36'