b'HARMON PARK: RESERVATIONS & RENTALSActivity Center:(SycamoreRoom,RiverBirchRoom,ConferenceRoom, Kitchen) Nestled in the beautiful surroundings of Harmon Park, this facility is ideal for receptions, parties, meetings, and events.The Sycamore and River Birch Community Rooms are each 1,464 square feet.There is access to 28, 8-foot tables and 184 chairs for the rooms to be set up in a variety of ways.The fully-equipped Kitchen adjoins the Sycamore Room. The conference room is a great place for a small meeting.Sonotorium Stage, Sonotorium and Sertoma Shelters:The Sonotorium Stage, designed in an art deco fashion, is a fantastic venue for small to mid-sized performances.The Sonotorium Shelters are conveniently located on each side of the stage.The Sertoma Shelter is in the center of the park and can seat 100-120 people. All three shelters have electricity and the Sertoma has a grill. WEDDING LOCATIONS:Popular wedding locations include:Harmon Park Rock Garden, Cottonmill Park ENVIRONMENTAL Amphitheater, Kellaway RESOURCE CENTER Gardens, or the Ron & CarolFITNESS PADCope Amphitheater atYANNEY PARKYANNEY PARK Yanney Park. RECREATIONAL TRAILS: EQUIPMENT:Kearney has over 30We have a variety of miles of trails! These trailsrecreation equipment to can be reserved for youradd a little fun to your special event. Certaingathering!Some of the restrictions and specialequipment includes:requirements apply. LIGHTHOUSE outdoor volleyball sets, HARMON PARK horseshoes, discs (disc golf), and tug-of-war rope.FISH COTTONMILL LAKE, YANNEY LAKE,KEA LAKE & ARCHWAY LAKES. KEARNEY! Follow all special regulations posted.Fishing license required forages 16 and older .PG.35'