b'swimming lessonsAQUATICS - PROGRAMSThe Kearney Park & Recreation Department is coordinating the summer swim lesson program at Harmon and Centennial Swimming Pools.The lessons will still follow the American Red Cross Learn-to-Swim format.However, class registration will be done through KPR by phone, mail, or in person at the KPR Office (2005 1st Avenue). Guidelines to know before registering for classes:You may only register your child for one class at a time.Once the class has concluded, you may register for an additional class.Please register at least 3 working days before the start of the class.Class registration cannot be done at the swimming pools.Closely review the prerequisites of each class before registering to determine the level your child should be in.PARENT/CHILD SWIM LESSONS:To enter LEVEL 4, students must have passed Level 3 Ages 6 months-3 years old and a parent - $30 or be able to:Jump into deep water from the side, swim To enter PARENT / CHILD LESSONS students must befront crawl for 15 yards, maintain position by treading at least 6 months old to enroll.A parent/guardian isorfloatingfor30secondsandswimelementary required to participate with the child in each class. backstroke for 15 yards.TheAmericanRedCrossLevel4lessonsarethe PRESCHOOL LESSONS:Ages 4-5 - $35 equivalent of Fish in YMCA lessons.To enter PRESCHOOL LESSONS, students must be 4-5 years old. To enter LEVEL 5, students must have passed Level 4 KPR will offer Preschool classes without the designationor be able to: Perform a feet first entry into deep water, of levels, but students will register as a large groupswim front crawl for 25 yards, change direction and then will be broken into smaller groups based on classposition as necessary and swim elementary backstroke size and swimmer abilities.This allows the instructorsfor 25 yards. Swim breaststroke for 15 yards, change to group students with like abilities which will allow usdirectionandpositionasnecessaryandswimback to best serve the students. crawl for 15 yards.TheAmericanRedCrossLevel5lessonsarethe The AmericanRedCrossPreschoollessonsaretheequivalent of Flying Fish in YMCA lessons.equivalent of Pike, Starfish, Rays & Eels in YMCA lessons. To enter LEVEL 6, students must have passed Level 5 LEARN TO SWIM LESSONS:or be able to: Recommended for ages 6 & older - $35 Perform a shallow-angle dive into deep water, swim To enter LEVEL 1, it is recommended that students befront crawl for 50 yards, change direction and position at least 6 years old. of travel as necessary and swim elementary backstroke The American Red Cross Level 1 lessons are the equivalentfor 50 yards. Swim breaststroke for 25 yards, change of Polliwogs in YMCA lessons. direction and position of travel as necessary and swim back crawl for 25 yards.To enter LEVEL 2, students must have passed LevelStudentsenrolledinLevel6classeswilldoa 1 or be able to: Enter independently, using either thecombination of Diving, Fitness Swimmer and Personal ladder, steps or side, travel at least 5 yards, bob 3 timesWater Safety in each class. then safely exit the water. (Participants can walk, moveTheAmericanRedCrossLevel6lessonsarethe along the gutter or swim.) Glide on front at least 2 bodyequivalent of Sharks in YMCA lessons.lengths, roll to a back float for 3 seconds and recover to a vertical position. (This part of the assessment can be performed with support.) Level2lessonsaretheSWIM LESSON TheAmericanRedCross equivalent of Guppies in YMCA lessons.To enter LEVEL 3, students must have passed LevelBAD WEATHER 2 or be able to: Step from side into chest-deep water,PHONE LINEmove into a front float for 5 seconds, roll to back, float for 5 seconds then return to a vertical position. Move into a back float for 5 seconds, roll to front thenIN CASE OF BAD WEATHER, PLEASE CALL recover to a vertical position. Push off and swim using combinedarmandlegactionsonfrontfor5body234-INFO AT 234-4636, lengths, roll to back, float for 15 seconds, roll to theEXT. 4114front then continue swimming for 5 body lengths. (YouWe will attempt to announce cancellations at least can assist the participant when taking a breath.) one hour before the start of the class. Classes will TheAmericanRedCrossLevel3lessonsarethebe made-up on Fridays for Sessions #1 & #2, and the equivalent of Minnows in YMCA lessons. following Monday for Session #3.PG.28'