b'aquatic programs AQUATICS - PROGRAMSWATER WALKING:AGE 16 & OLDER.No pre-registration$2 OR USE OF PUNCH CARD OR SEASON PASS Monday - Friday Just 30 minutes of water walking is equal to two hours of walking out of water! How to10:00am-12:30pm & informational sheets will be available at Harmon Pool.Water walking is great for toning5:00-6:30pmyour body and improving your cardiovascular fitness. May 28-August 14LAP SWIMMING:ALL AGES.No pre-registration$2 OR USE OF PUNCH CARD OR SEASON PASS Monday - Friday A special lap swimming opportunity for the more serious lap swimmers.Lap lanes are10:00am-12:30pm & also open to the public during normal swimming hours.Harmon Pool. 5:00-6:30pmMay 28-August 14AQUA FITNESS:AGE 16 & OLDER.No pre-registration$4. NO USE OF PUNCH CARD OR SEASON PASS Monday - FridayCome and join us in some aqua-exercise at Centennial Pool!Aqua Zumba will be held*5:45 - 6:30pm on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.Water Aerobics will be held on Thursdays. May 28-August 9 AquaBootCamp willbeonFridays.Certifiedinstructors willtake youthrougha*(Aqua Fitness will not 45-minute routine.Remember to bring your friends! Season passes and punch cardsbe held on July 3 or 4 cannot be used for Aqua Fitness classes. However, a special Aqua Fitness punch cardand will not start until can be purchased for your convenience. 6:00pm July 22-26 due to swimming lessons.)TODDLER TIME:CHILDREN AGE 3 & YOUNGER AND THEIRNo pre-registrationPARENT OR GUARDIANADULTS ARE $2 OR USE OF PUNCHMonday-Friday CARD OR SEASON PASS AND CHILDREN ARE FREE. *10:00am-12:30pm & This is a great time for you to enjoy some quality time with your child at the Harmon baby5:00-6:30pmpool.Children must be age 3 or younger and accompanied by a parent or guardian. TheMay 28-August 14 shallow end of the main pool, during non-swim lesson weeks, will also be available and*(There will be no parent/guardian must be in the water with the child. Toddler Time during Holiday Hours)CELEBRATE SWIMMING WEEK!JULY 15-19A fun week is scheduled to celebrateKearneys great pools, guests and staff. Some events include:Can 4 Can, Penny Dive,Splash Bash Pool Party, and Family Fun Night. Look for more informationPUPPY PLUNGE at the pools this summer.WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 14Go to page 6 for details!PG.27'