b'FALL MENS & WOMENS BASKETBALL LEAGUE:Mens & Womens SPORTS - TEEN & ADULTAGE 16 & OLDER.$235 PER TEAMOpen League Games will be officiated by paid Park and Recreation Staff.Teams will play*5:00-10:00pmaminimumofeightgamesinthisopenleague, whichincludesasingleSunday (Thursdays possible)round robin season and a post-season tournament at Horizon Middle School. Sept. 22- Early DecemberLike-coloreduniformswithnumbersarerecommended.REGISTRATION DEADLINE:Wednesday, September 11.*Times are subject to slight change depending on the number of teams registered. FALL ADULT 4-ON-4 BASKETBALL LEAGUE: 4-on-4 League AGE 18 & OLDER.$50 PER TEAM 8:45-10:00pmThursdays This call-your-own-foul league provides a great opportunity to stay in shape while playing in a relaxed environment.Teams areOctober 10-mid-guaranteed a minimum of 7 games at Horizon Middle School. December REGISTRATION DEADLINE:Wednesday, October 2.Do you need transportationto KPR Activities? MONDAY-FRIDAY, BETWEEN 8AM-6PMContact RYDE Transit for more information @ 308.865.5677All child riders will follow the Child Rider Policy.Public Transportation is Easy to Use and Open to Everyone of all AgesMEET CONNOR BROWNPARKS FACILITY MAINTENANCE WORKERConnor was born and raised in Kearney.He graduated from Kearney High in 2014 and UNK in 2017. Connor started with the Parks Department in 2010 as a Rock Garden Ranger, and continued as a Harmon Sector seasonal employee through 2018. In June of 2018, Connor began working full-time for the Parks at the Harmon Sector and cares for Harmon and Apollo parks, as well as Memorial Baseball Field. Connor, and his fiance Brittney, are getting married in September, and together, they have a cat named Milo. In his free time, Connor enjoys the outdoors through hunting, fishing and golfing, or whatever activity gets him outside.BE A RESPECTFUL DOG OWNERDog owners are responsible (per City Code) for the prompt removal and disposal of waste deposited by their animal.Dogs must be kept under restraint by a leash and under the control of a competent person.Thank you for being a good dog owner in the parks and on the trails!PG.21'