b'teen & adult sports ADULT LEAGUES: SPORTS - TEEN & ADULTIn order to be officially registered, a team must pay the league fee and complete a registration form. A registration form can be found in this brochure.The leagues are limited in size, so we encourage teams tonot wait until the last day to register; registration deadlines noted below for each sport. League dates and times are subject to change based on facility availability.PICKLEBALL LEAGUES:AGE 16 & OLDER.Pickleball continues to grow in popularity around the country and we have a league for you in Kearney!Competitive and Recreation divisions will be available.Participants are guaranteed a minimum of 8 matches, which includes a single-elimination post season tournament. Double headers will be scheduled when possible. Equipment is provided if needed . SUMMER MIXED DOUBLES - $30 per team.FALL SINGLES - $15 per person.6:00-10:00pm 6:00-10:00pmTuesdays (Mondays possible)Thursdays (Tuesdays possible) May 14-June 25September 12-October 24REGISTRATION DEADLINE:Monday, May 6.REGISTRATION DEADLINE:Wednesday, September 4. SUMMER ADULT SINGLES TENNIS LEAGUE: Adult A & B AGE 16 & OLDER.$20 PER PERSON Singles Tennis LeagueEach week of the season a player will have one opponent. It is up toJuly 7-August 24the players to contact each other and determine where and when they will play.Matches can be played at any available tennis court.Scoring will be best 2-of-3 sets with ad scoring.Players must supply their own racquet and balls.Participants are guaranteed a minimum of 6 matches.A post-season tournament will be conducted.All participants will receive a KPR Tennis T-shirt (please include size when registering). The A league is more competitive players and the B league is for intermediate/recreational players.Leagues may be combined depending on number of participants. Men and Women will be combined. REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Monday, June 24.SUMMER & FALL VOLLEYBALL LEAGUES: AGE 16 & OLDER.$145 PER TEAM Great exercise and competition!The A league is for more advanced teams, while the B league is for intermediate teams, C league is for beginning teams.Teams will be guaranteed a minimum of eight officiated games (summer league includes post season single elimination tournament) at Horizon Middle School. Your team must be able to play on the days and times listed for your league. Summer Womens A & B LeaguesFall Womens B & C Leagues 6:00-10:30pm7:00-10:30pm Sunday & WednesdayTuesdayMay 15-June 26Sept. 24- Early Dec.REGISTRATION DEADLINE:Monday, May 6. REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Wednesday, September 11. Fall Womens A & B LeaguesFall Coed A, B & C Leagues 7:00-10:30pm7:00-10:30pm Monday (Tuesdays possible)*Wednesday (*occasional Tues. or Thurs. possible)Sept. 23-Early Dec. Sept. 25- Early Dec.REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Wednesday, September 11. REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Wednesday, September 11.FALL COED & MENS SOFTBALL LEAGUES: Mens D, E, & F Softball6:30-10:30pmAGE 16 OR OLDER.$200 PER TEAM *Mondays and some ThursdaysTeams will play a minimum of 6 games at Harvey Park.Double-headers willAugust 26-Early Octoberbe scheduled when possible.All games will be umpired by at least one paidCoed D, E, & F Softballumpire.The Mens and Coed Leagues will both be split into the following6:30-10:30pmdivisions: D, E, & F. REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Wednesday, August 14.*Times*Tuesdays and some Thursdaysare subject to slight change depending on the number of teams registered. August 27-Early OctoberPG.19'