b'youth sports SPORTS - YOUTHYOUTH TENNIS LESSONS: AGES 5-15.$20, PLUS ONE CAN OF TENNIS BALLS, LOW COMPRESSION BALLS, OR FOAM BALLS BROUGHT TO THE FIRST CLASS.LearnandlovetennisbyparticipatinginKPRlessons!Thefocusisonskill development designed to build confidence through repetition and success.The 10 & Under Tennis format, designed by the United States Tennis Association, will be used in Level 1, 2 & 3.The 10 & Under Program utilizes smaller courts, foam balls, and an easier scoring system to help kids learn and play the game sooner.Level 4 focuses on continued skill development combined with some actual match play.Harmon Courts are located on the corner of 33rd St. and 5th Avenue. Centennial Courts are located on 11thSt. and 7th Avenue, Sertoma Courts are located on the corner of 35th St. and 7th Avenue.Harvey Courts are located at Ave. N and 42nd St.LEVEL 1:AGES 5-6.Min.: 5Max.: 24#201-1Harmon Courts9:30-10:25amMonday-ThursdayJune 3-6#201-2Harvey Courts11:30am-12:25pmMonday-ThursdayJune 3-6#201-3Harmon Courts8:45-9:40amMonday-ThursdayJune 24-27LEVEL 2:AGES 7-8.MIN.:5MAX.: 24#202-1Harmon Courts10:30-11:25amMonday-ThursdayJune 3-6#202-2Sertoma Courts6:45-7:40pmMonday-ThursdayJune 10-13#202-3Harmon Courts8:45-9:40amMonday-ThursdayJune 17-20#202-4Sertoma Courts6:45-7:40pmMonday-ThursdayJuly 15-18LEVEL 3:AGES 9-11.MIN.: 5MAX.: 24 (HARMON/SERTOMA/HARVEY)12 (CENTENNIAL)#203-1Harvey Courts10:30-11:25amMonday-ThursdayJune 3-6#203-2Harmon Courts8:45-9:40amMonday-ThursdayJune 10-13#203-3Sertoma Courts6:45-7:40pmMonday- ThursdayJune 24-27#203-4Centennial Courts8:45-9:40amMonday-ThursdayJuly 8-11LEVEL 4:AGES 12-15.MIN.: 5MAX.: 24 (HARMON/SERTOMA/HARVEY)12 (CENTENNIAL)#204-1Harvey Courts9:30-10:25amMonday-ThursdayJune 3-6#204-2Harmon Courts11:30am-12:25pmMonday-ThursdayJune 3-6#204-3Centennial Courts8:45-9:40amMonday-ThursdayJune 17-20#204-4Sertoma Courts6:45-7:40pmMonday-ThursdayJuly 8-11TENNIS LESSONS FOR KIDS & YOUNG ADULTS WITH DEVELOPMENTAL#216DISABILITIES:AGES 10-30. $20 8:45-9:40am(Must register at least 7 days in advance.Please include any special information we need to know onMonday-the registration form) This program is designed for kids with cognitive / developmental disabilities. ThursdayAs needed, each participant will be paired with a volunteer or KPR coach.The focus will be onJuly 8-11skill development and developing a love for tennis.Drills, contests, and games will be included.Harmon Tennis Courts.Min.: 5Max.: 16JR. RECREATIONAL TENNIS TOURNAMENT:AGESRegistration 7-18. $13 SINGLES, $19 DOUBLES deadline:Friday, This tournament is designed for players who rarely or never play inJuly 12USTA sanctioned tournaments.Players should, however, know howSingles: to keep score.The USTA 10 & Under Tennis format will be used forThursday, July 18 ages 7-10.USTA Membership is only required for the 10s (SMASHERS)Doubles: age group. (First time USTA 10 & under memberships are free at www. Friday, July 19tryusta.com/juniorfree). The 8s and 12-18s do not require a USTA Membership; players may register as a guest and receive a guest number to register. Awards to top players / teams.Entry forms will be available in June and will have information regarding registration.PG.13'