b'INTRO. TO STAND UP PADDLEBOARDING Ȉ-1 PROGRAMS - TEEN AND ADULTKAYAKING: AGES: 16 & OLDER.$25 6:00-7:30pm Gainconfidenceandskill!ThisclassisdesignedforanyoneMondayinterested in learning the basics of Stand Up PaddleboardingJune 10(SUP) and Kayaking.Instructors will introduce concepts and skills#520-2 that are essential for success on the water.Topics include the6:00-7:30pm best way to stand up (SUP), paddle technique, basic navigation,Mondayand board/kayak design.Swan Shoppe, Yanney Park Marina.June 17Min.: 4 Max.: 12FIREARM HUNTER EDUCATION, BOWHUNTER EDUCATION & BOATING SAFETY:Further information and registration for these classes can be found and should be done on-line through the Nebraska Game & Parks website:www.HuntSafeNebraska.org, then click on either the Firearm Hunter or Bowhunter Education Classroom Courses link.For Boating Safety, click on the Boating link at the top of the page and then click on Boating Education.If you are not able to register on-line, then please call the Nebraska Game & Parks Office at 865-5310.BE PART OF THE KPR TEAM THIS FALL!GREAT PAY!FUN ENVIRONMENT!FULFILLING WORK!The City of Kearney Park & Recreation Department is looking for vibrant people that enjoy working with others, are reliable, and take pride in a job well done.Some of the fall positions include:Parks Grounds Maintenance Crew, Youth Soccer Coaches, Girls Volleyball Coaches, BoysBasketballCoaches/Officials,AdultFootball/Basketball/Volleyball/SoftballOfficials,LeagueSupervisors,YouthCamp Instructors, Kids Fitness/Activities Instructors.For most jobs, applicants must be at least 16 years of age.Applications for fall positions will be available by August 5th, online at www.cityofkearney.org.If you wish to get on our email list for seasonal employment availability, please email Jamie Spangler at jspangler@kearneygov.org or call 237-4644.playdatesSUNDAY, APRIL 28 SATURDAY, MAY 4All ages!Ages 8-13, as of 12-31-19 Go to page 2 for more details! Go to page 2 for more details!PG.12'