b'SUPER SITTER:AGES 10-12 - $25#129-1 #129-2PROGRAMS - YOUTH(students must register at least one week in advance) - A certificate of completion9:00am- 9:00am-from this class can carry a lot of weight when looking for baby-sitting jobs in your3:30pm 3:30pmneighborhood.The class is designed for the beginning sitter.The instructor, DebFriday SaturdayBlevins, will discuss such topics as:knowing what to do in an emergency situation,May 31 June 1accident prevention, appropriate toys, and infant care.A colorful bag for boys and girls, and other goodies will be given to all participants.Students should bring a brown bag lunch.Students also need to make arrangements to have a child, age 1-5, come from 2:30-3:30pm and must bring toys to play with the child.Harmon Park Activity Center.Min.: 10Max.: 16ARTRAGOUS ART DAY CAMP: AGES 5-12. $35Callingallyoungartists!Comeandcreatethreenewmasterpiecesto take home; new projects will be introduced each week! You will learn the#111-1#111-2#111-3 FUNdamentals of art while you explore drawing, painting, collage, and more! 1:00- 1:00- 1:00-Certified K-12 Art Teacher, Becki Evers, will help the young artist explore their4:30pm4:30pm4:30pm creativity and gain artistic knowledge and the benefits of self-expression. FridayFridayFriday Harmon Park Activity Center Childrens Room.Min.: 8, Max.: 25. June 7 June 14 June 21EXPLORE THEATER WITH CRANE RIVERTHEATERCOMPANY:Kindergarten-8thGrade (19-20schoolyear).Seepricesbelow.Thereisa $10 supply fee, that includes a t-shirt for each class, which is payable to Crane River Theater at the first class. Theater is an opportunity to explore, create and have fun. Crane River Theater is excited to offer a series of classes taughtbytheaterprofessionals.AllclassesaregenerouslysupportedbythePeter Kiewit Foundation, Arram Family Foundation, Theodore G. Baldwin Foundation, and First National Bank. DISNEY MAGIC: Explore the most magical place on earth! From Moana, to Frozen, to Toy Story, to Beauty and the Beast, kids will jump into their favorite Disney stories and characters. Bring your friends and make this special week the happiest time of the summer! SPONGEBOB SQUARE PANTS: Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? SpongeBob Squarepants! And now you have the chance to be a part of his adventures! Join all your favorite Bikini Bottom friends, and sing along with songs from the new hit Broadway musical. LITTLE EINSTEINS: Discover a world of music, art, and nature! Embark on an incredible journey with the Little Einsteins as they go on missions in their ever-changing rocket ship. The possibilities are endless when you use your own special talents to work together! WELCOME TO CAMP KIKIWAKA: Straight from the Disney hit series BUNKD, campers will abandon city life and head into the great outdoors. Camp counselors will show them the ropes, as they create exciting new characters and scenes from this popular series.Summer camp has never been this fun! SNOOPY AND THE PEANUTS GANG: The gangs all here and theyre bringing with them lots of laughs and fun! Kids will learn the art of physical comedy through scenes and songs from Youre a Good Man, Charlie Brown. Happiness is joining the Peanuts Gang for the dog-days of Summer! LETS MAKE A MUSICAL: Let your imagination run wild in one of our most popular classes! Discover the art of creating and performing your very own musical. Participants will create new lyrics from songs that are popular today to tell a theatrical story of their own. THE WORLD OF JUNIE B. JONES: Watch out world, here comes Junie B. Jones, and shes definitely ready for some new school-year adventures! Join the sassy diva as she navigates life with new friends, new glasses and the annual kickball tournament. Discover new stories and explore your imagination. POKEMON: Is your child on a mission to catch em all? Then this is the perfect class for them. Kids will join Ash and his friend Pikachu as they travel through the different regions of the Pokemon world with the ultimate dream of becoming a Pokemon Master. They will create their own pocket monster and equip themselves with the special skills needed to defeat Team Rocket. BROADWAY BOUND: Give my regards to Broadway! Crane River Theater cast members will team up with participants for a final performance in this one of a kind class as they dive into the songs and scenes of Broadways biggest musicals. Take the stage as your favorite characters from Godspell, Elf, the Musical and Newsies! Specific class content questions should be directed toward Crane River Theatre at 627-5796. Harmon Park Activity Center. Min.: 10Max.: 35 #131Disney Magic (K-2nd) - $30 #134Welcome to Camp Kikiwaka#137The World of Junie B. Jones 10:00am12:00pm//June 3-7 (6th-8th) - $40 (K-2nd) - $30#132Spongebob Squarepants9:00am-12:00pm//June 10-14 10:00am-12:00pm//July 15-19(3rd-5th) - $35#135Snoopy and the Peanuts#138Pokemon (3rd-5th) - $352:00-4:00pm//June 3-7 Gang (3rd -5th) - $35 10:00am-12:00pm//July 22-26#133Little Einsteins (K-2nd) - $3010:00am12:00pm//June 17-21 #139Broadway Bound2:00-4:00pm//June 10-14 #136Lets Make a Musical (6th-8th) - $40(6th-8th) - $40 1:00-4:00pm//July 29-August 21:00-4:00pm//June 24-28PG.10'